Some feedback from Patient's so far.

I had waited 17 weeks for a joint injection on the NHS and when I called the hospital, I was told it was going to be another 17weeks. Thanks to Glasgow Private Clinic, I got the injection within 3 days and now my shoulder feels great.

Brian B.

Wishing Glasgow Private Clinic all the best for their future success . It is a wonderful Clinic to have in the southside of Glasgow , the Doctors are all amazing , and anyone can make appointments to be seen by so many different consultants , you do NOT need to be a patient at the surgery!

Carolyn K.

Had my interview and consultation by Manas who quickly assessed and offered me an injection of anti inflammatory to help reduce my aching hip joints pains The result of numerous m/cycle and horse riding falls ! I’m very happy with the treatment outcome and value for money , definitely recommend this medical practice to anyone considering joint pain treatment.

Derek B.
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