Some feedback from Patient's so far (Google Review)

I was very anxious but I was put at ease from the minute I stepped in the door. Excellent service and would highly recommend. I had a full abdominal ultrasound and the doctor I saw was great. Will definitely use again in the future.

K Shepherd-Best - Sept 2023

I met with Dr Manas Tiwari and we had a long chat, he checked my knee and confirmed that I’d be a good candidate for the treatment and we talked through what it looked like, what the next steps were and he gave me a really positive feeling that this was finally something which was going to help me and give me, at least some, mobility back….he also hit me with a fantastic line about racehorses which made me laugh out loud.

Well what can I say!? This was done in July 2023 and Manas told me it could take a number of weeks for me to feel the full benefit of the injections with the guidance being simply ‘don’t do anything tomorrow that you couldn’t do yesterday’ in the meatime.

For anyone whose had long-term chronic pain in the knee, or indeed any joint(s), you’ll know the pain that can come from the simplest of movements and always being aware of the pain – it never goes away and it’s a real burden.

And then it wasn’t. The movement of my knee was buttery smooth. There was no constant ache, no endless throbbing and I was actually able to kneel down without having to get a crane to help me back up. My note of caution here is that you don’t go straight into walking very fast or overdoing it as I managed to tear the opposite calf as, quite simply, it was probably the first time it was being PROPERLY moved in years as I was no longer compensating for my left knee. That was a blow, however, slowly but surely managed to resolve that and, fast forward to a December holiday in the sun, I was able to walk for miles without having to stop, rub my knee or any of the other remedial actions I’d grown so used to having to incorporate into any sort of activity.

P Meighan - Jan 2024

Fantastic service. Incredibly proficient, polite and friendly staff, and Dr Nashad Ali is an excellent doctor. He's got a kind but very logical way of getting around a problem, I'd say it's a sixth sense. I've got a complicated history, but it never seems to faze him whatsoever. A very well oiled machine and the only one like it I've seen in a few years.

J Smith - Nov 2023

Had my interview and consultation by Manas who quickly assessed and offered me an injection of anti inflammatory to help reduce my aching hip joints pains The result of numerous m/cycle and horse riding falls ! I’m very happy with the treatment outcome and value for money , definitely recommend this medical practice to anyone considering joint pain treatment.

Derek B.

Kirstie Russell, physiotherapist, has successfully helped me to manage an ongoing problem that others were not able to. What was extremely worrying and painful is now under control - cannot recommend her enough!

M Fletcher - Dec 2023

Very positive first experience. Was able to book an Ultrasound appointment quickly and easily. Dr. Rohan Munir was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He answered any question I had during the scan, and provided great peace of mind. Reception staff friendly and attentive. Got detailed report via email the same day. Can highly recommend.

Z Divide - Sept 2023
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