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Surgical Treatment Required?

Spinal surgery only needs to be considered in around 10% of patients

Back & Neck Pain Service
Back and neck problems are among the most common painful complaints. Whilst most cases are not serious, they can have a major impact on disability and quality of life both in the short and long term.

Here at Glasgow Private Clinic we provide a specialist back and neck service incorporating a team of expert clinicians who provide a seamless pathway of care for your spinal complaint. We can undertake a comprehensive spinal assessment to provide an accurate diagnosis, advise and implement the most suitable treatment options and, if appropriate, arrange further investigations and a Neurosurgical opinion.

We offer treatment for spinal complaints that include:
• Mechanical neck and back pain
• Nerve root pain, that can cause pain in the arm or leg
• Sciatica
• Spinal stenosis

Our spinal team consists of specialist physiotherapists and a Neurosurgeon who can help provide advice on both surgical and nonsurgical approaches to managing your spinal problem. We offer non-surgical treatment options including physiotherapy treatment, epidural injections, nerve root block injections and facet joint injections. We can also provide various surgical procedures, mainly to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves or the spinal cord, caused by damaged discs or degenerative changes.

Non-surgical Treatment

Physiotherapy is one of the most widely used and effective ways of treating back and neck problems. Physiotherapy can provide:
• Advice on your condition and the most appropriate early management strategies
• ‘Hands on’ therapy which can promote early mobilisation of the specific painful area
• Specific back exercises to promote early movement and build up strength
• General exercise advice and stretches
• Ergonomic and work-related advice
• Early identification of symptoms that may require further investigation

Eden Keillar - Spinal Physiotherapist |||| Kirstie Russell - Physiotherapist

Surgical Treatment
Spinal surgery only needs to be considered in around 10% of patients who develop sciatica or leg pain/sensory symptoms. Most symptoms will settle on their own with time or conservative measures such as Physiotherapy and less invasive treatments such as Spinal Injections.

However, if needed the following Spinal surgery can be provided:
• Lumbar Microdiscectomy
• Lumbar Laminectomy
• Lumbar Lateral Recess Decompression or Lumbar Foraminotomy
• Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion
• Anterior Cervical Disc Replacement
• Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy

If you would like to arrange a consultation with our Neurosurgeon please email or telephone his PA. Email Now
Alternatively Call 0131 376 2598

MRI Scanning
For some spinal complaints an MRI of the spine may be required to help with diagnosis and plan future treatment options. An MRI is a painless procedure and is effective in providing clear and detailed images of the spine and surrounding tissues. It can help detect abnormalities to the bone, disc, ligaments, nerve roots or spinal cord, disc protrusions causing pressure on the nerves and less common problems such as inflammation of the spinal cord/nerves, infections and tumours.

At Glasgow Private Clinic we can refer you directly for an MRI, without the need to visit your GP. If recommended, our specialist will discuss this with you and explain what happens during your MRI scan and the reasons for undertaking this type of imaging.

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